DIY Fimo Clay Winter Rose Ring


I have been playing lots and lots with Fimo clay over the last few weeks and thought I would share this ring idea. The rose design can be used for lots of different embellishments such as earrings, hairbands or necklaces, but I just love this ring design. The clay comes in so many lovely colours, but for me you cannot go wrong with this delicious grey. Continue Reading

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Flora Forager, a seasonal journal collected from nature


Flora Forager aka Bridget Beth Collins has had the kind of success story I love to see on Instagram. I started following her feed around a year ago, she makes the most intricately exquisite masterpieces from flowers, twigs, leaves… Anything natural. The designs are sometimes homages to artistic masters but often totally original ideas. Through her original art she has developed a mass social media following and become a social influencer leading to artwork commissions for magazines such as Country Living and House and Garden.

She says “I love to adventure into the wildflower woodlands, mossy waterfalls, and grey sand starry expanses of the Pacific Northwest. I forage almost all of my creations from foliage and flowers plucked from our sidewalks, meadows, and woods in our neighbourhood. I have a small garden in the city, and my mother has a big rambling secret garden filled with old english roses in the sea town of Edmonds where I grew up.

I graduated with honours from Seattle Pacific University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. I grew up in the wings so to speak, and am a product of all its dark, magical, sparkly world. Though the only stage I current now is the constant one I live in. I spend my days painting, writing, and playing with my boys. (There’s a great deal of mundane thrown in, but that’s a bore to add to a bio).”

Maybe I noticed her magical work because of my own passion for fairytale, she like me studied the theatre, has a boy and LOVES flowers!

I would urge you to buy a copy of her glorious journal, to be inspired every day of the year Flora Forager: A Seasonal Journal Collected from Nature

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Lush Furoshiki Knot Wrap Scarves


On the weekend I was given a belated birthday present from my gal Rachael ( yes my birthday was in July, so lovely unexpected gift!). It was a Lush Knot Wrap scarf, which I’ve not seen before as a way of gifting…

“Based on the Japanese tradition of furoshiki, Knot-Wraps are a great way to wrap any gift. Made from either organic cotton or two recycled plastic bottles, each one of our beautiful Knot-Wraps is extremely kind to the environment. And the best part? They’re meant to used again and again as a scarf, accessory or tote, so it’s a bit like giving two gifts in one. How thoughtful of you!” Lush cosmetics

That said, I watched one of the the old videos I did called three ways to tie a head scarf, as I copied one of the moves covering my eyes with the scarf, the girls decided to run and hide behind me. Ahh, its like we never left school!

I think this could become a real trend, so get knotting ladies…

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Make Your Own Christmas Jumper Book


“Back in the early 2000s, we all laughed at Bridget Jones turned her nose up at Mark Darcy’s tasteless reindeer jumper that his mother forced him to wear. We have come a long way since then, and these days he probably wouldn’t be the only guest turning up to the party in a novelty knit. In face, today Bridget would likely been asking why his reindeer didn’t have any sequins or LED lights on it!” Make Your Own Christmas Jumper by Nicolette Lafonseca

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Current Cards I Need To Write


IMG_2308Notecards, birthday cards, new baby cards, wedding cards, thank you cards, even hi how are you cards, the list is endless. I have a little corner of my house dedicated to cards, as every month there is bound to be an event I’ve forgotten about. If I see something I like in a shop I will just buy it and hoard it for when I need it. I haven’t quite got to the stage of a present draw yet, but I know it’s coming.

Cards and props: feature window people card, Alexander Girard at Hi & lightbulb cards, Doughnut card, M&S. Mini fake succulent, Paperchase. Party Blower, Talking Tables. Nail varnish, Nails Inc.




Aga Pavlova with soaked summer fruit 


Being at the cottage in Dorset, it’s fun to get to grips with baking in the Aga, here’s a simple show stopping pudding that is great for the family to share.

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Pressing Really Large Flowers in the Microwave


It’s starting to feel like part of the summer is coming to a close, I may be wrong and we may get a second wind, but I didn’t want to miss out on preserving some of the wonderful flowers that are around right now, for projects later on in the year. It was my birthday over the weekend, a friend of mine bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers with my absolutely favourite peony in it, called Lovely Rose. I have been reading up on ways to successfully press flowers, I have been pressing since the beginning of the summer and had some good and some very disappointing results. Gorgeous poppies fading into a brown mush, surprisingly bad presses from flowers that are so pretty and colourful before drying. Continue Reading


D.I.Y. Air Drying Clay Love Letter – 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea


I can’t believe it, today I have been married to my gorgeous husband for 9 years! It goes so very quickly, and we have actually been together for a total of 15 years. We got married young by todays standards, but we were lucky enough to have met young too and getting married was one of the best decisions we have made.

So this anniversary gift is ceramics, clay, porcelain, pottery, any of the above. I’m not quite sure how interested my husband would be in me making him a pot or a vase… but a small clay token is cute and very romantic, of course!

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Style in the City! Cover girl and 6 page feature in the Sewing Network OUT NOW!


Press play and check out their little Instagram video of some of the projects below!

I am so delighted to see the 6 page spread of some of my Sew London projects in this months gorgeous The Craft Newtwork Sewing Magazine! This is only the fourth issue of the mag and I really think it’s one to watch, as there are so many up to date projects in there for all sewing abilities.

The projects from the “Style in the City” feature are dear to me for many reasons, firstly, I am a Londoner and I can’t tell you how much fun we had shooting the projects on the streets of my hometown, secondly of course its great to have lovely photos taken of you by the super talented Ms Tiffany Mumford. Thirdly and most importantly, you may or may not know that I wrote two sewing books last year, one was to be called Sew London and the other Sew NYC. After completing the books, the publisher (Kyle Books) I was working with ripped the rug from under my feet and pulled the plug on the project. I of course was devastated. It wasn’t an easy thing having a 1 year old and trying to work at the same time around the clock, every nap time and evening. I could say my confidence in sewing was a little dented, as they were not gentle with me ( waaawhaa poor baby!) So I was over the moon when the wonderful Jennifer Morgan ( from Craft Network),  took one look at the projects an commissioned them immediately!

If you like sewing, do go out and grab yourself a copy and tell me what you think!


HobbyCraft July Haul! My £20 bargains


So this month I visited my local HC to see what bargains they had on offer… Firstly I’ll admit my eyes did a cartoon bOyOyOyng when I spied this ginormous bucket of clay for only £10, I keep seeing and adding gorgeous Pinterest posts for air-dry clay ideas to my page, pretty plant pots and doily stencils, so I’m really keen to have a go myself. I also managed to get two balls of sumptuous Rowan wool, which I thought I could use to make some sort of Macramé plant holders for my new pots. In addition I got this cute graphic “My Guy” themed card book from Trimcraft, which will come in very useful for card making. I have been working more and more on sewing patterns recently, having a 6 page spread in the Sewing Networks mag this month, I thought it was time to expand my tool kit! So this pattern marker is very helpful indeed. And finally I got a selection of those puffy stickers for my little boy, who is going through a sticker phase at the moment. He is totally addicted and HC seem to do some really great ones.

Thanks HobbyCraft, I’m excited to get going on my new projects!